Side Strap Bib with Inner Waterproofing

Friday evening our God-Children came over for a sleep over whilst mommy and daddy went on a date night. They are nearly 5 months old and are just about the most cutest, easy going, baby twin girls ever! Ok, so maybe I am being a bit biased because I’m their God-Mommy, but I’m allowed to be!

How sweet are these little angels! Aquilla Skye on the left and Amber Grace is on the right. How special are their names!


Anyone wanting to get a taste of parenthood, go loan a baby for a weekend! Or even better, find yourself some twins! All you need is one night! Seriously! I must admit though, I loved every moment of it, but it really hit home to both hubby and myself, more than ever, how our time will never be ours again.
These parents totally rock parenthood, they also have a 2 year old toddler and just seem to breeze through raising their family. Ok, so they have been blessed to have really easy babies, but I do think a great part has to do with how you raise them from the moment you bring them home. We will most certainly be running to them for pointers when our turn arrives! 🙂

So back to the reason for this blog, the one thing which really stood out to me was how many bibs babies go through, seriously! Especially if your baby is a drooler, which one of the twin girls are. They also don’t make bibs to last, most don’t even have waterproofing, so within minutes, the bibs are totally soaked through. Before mommy came to collect her precious cargo, I traced out one of their side strap bibs to make a pattern, these bibs with the side attachments are so clever, so much easier getting the bib on and off.

So today I dug through my scrap fabric and made the girls these bibs with an inner waterproof layer.
This is my first sewing blog ever, with a tutorial and all, so bare with me 🙂

Here goes…

Trace out a pattern from your favourite bib, you can even draw one freehand, really quite easy. I might even upload my pattern if there are enough requests for it, but here goes just to give you an idea.

Once you have cut out your pattern, trace it onto the waterproof fabric. You will have 3 layers of fabric, the front, the back and the inner waterproof.

Side strap bib with inner waterproof.1

Make sure your front side of the bib and the back side are facing each other as you will be turning this inside out.

Side strap bib with inner waterproof.2

Pin it down in position and sew along your traced pattern.

Side strap bib with inner waterproof.3

Remember to leave a gap, about 4cm, where you will be able to turn it inside out. Trim all the excess fabric off, leaving a little bit more fabric sticking out where you left the gap open, just easier for sewing the gap closed once it is turned inside out, also less chances of the stitching coming apart.

Side strap bib with inner waterproof.4

Very important step, you have to cut slits where the pattern bends, this will prevent the fabric from pulling when it is turned inside out. You can do so in 2 ways, see below, either way does the job. I learnt this the hard way, many tutorials leave this part out and I could not understand why my fabric was always pulling by the curves when I turned it inside out.

Side strap bib with inner waterproof.5 Side strap bib with inner waterproof.6

You can now turn it inside out, ensuring fabric on the front of the bib faces out with the back of the bib, and the waterproofing must be hidden inside.

Side strap bib with inner waterproof.7

Tuck in the fabric where the gap was and iron out the bib. Then do a boarder stitching right around the bib, it gives it a nice finished looked and also keeps all the stitching in place. I usually double stitch over the gap.

Side strap bib with inner waterproof

To fasten the straps, you can either use press buttons or velcro, but do so in 2 different positions so the strap is adjustable so the bib can also be used as baby grows a little older.

There you go! How easy and fun was that 🙂

Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or if anything is unclear.


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