The Dreaded TWW

Oh my goodness, the TWW (2 week wait) has got to be the 2 longest weeks in the history of time. Seriously!

The Dreaded TWW

We are sitting on day 11, post insemination, and still no sign of my stories arriving. YAY! I was due yesterday and I am usually spot on, even with the past few months of IUI’s, my stories have always arrived consistently and on time, 10 days post insemination.
To top it off, by now, hubby would’ve had at least 4 days of PMS to endure from his not-so-loving wife during this time of the month leading up to that time of the time, and… no PMS symptoms. Nothing, just a tad emotional, but that’s about it!
So, I am feeling incredibly hopeful!

So I took take a pregnancy test this morning, it was negative, but 11 days post insemination, it could still be too early as implantation can take anywhere between 6-12 days and they did recommend to only test after 2 weeks. Grrrr

It’s funny how it’s currently the big fat elephant in the house at the moment, almost as if we are both to afraid to speak about it or get excited, incase we jinx it. Although Hubby did say to me this afternoon that he was feeling excited, which was really sweet. Then again that’s most likely because he hasn’t had to endure the wrath of my PMS… oh just wait till the pregnancy hormones kick in dear husband of mine!

It’s so comforting to have this feeling of peace and hope, which I know can only come from God. I am trying to savour it in cause the outcome is not…. errrr I can’t even bring myself to say it!
We will speak life into this situation, I will remain peaceful, hopeful and thankful for our soon to be pregnancy!

Thank you Lord Jesus!
Thank you for your hand in our situation
Thank you for your peace, your love, your grace and favour.

Thank you for your faithfulness Father God.

3 more sleeps to go!


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