Little bit of this… Little bit of that…

This and That

Gosch, it’s been just over a month since I have last posted anything!
Where have these past few weeks gone?!
Work has been a bit quiet this afternoon so I thought I’d do a quick catch up post!

I must say, it has been quite a crazy month, I was sick for about 10 days with bronchitis and the rest of the month I have been on a super sewing spree and the odd baking in between. From making lovely cushion covers, a pretty scarf, more baby goodies, toys, bibs and a roman blind for hubbies work area, to a disastrous baby sleeping sack!
Baked some yummmy gooey lemon pudding, more cookies and then a flop of a low-carb bread recipe I was testing out!
So disappointing as these low-carb ingredients do not come cheap!

Oh and we also had our gorgeous god-children over for a weekend, which was a bit crazy, but also fun at the same time.
Love those precious girls to pieces, but boy were we nackered after the weekend, they were a bit sickies, so it was a lot tougher than their last sleepover.
We are soooo grateful for our uninterrupted sleep! ZZZzzzz

So a little peak into the past couple of weeks… of course, I have to start with the twin girls 😉
Thought I could get some sewing in whilst they were here, yeah right, did not get very far with that 😛

Sewing with the girls

I made them these bibs and matching dummy clips.
How cute is the fabric and how sweet are their faces!

Girls bibs

Cutie Pies

These are the cushion covers I made, just love this fabric from Biggy Best. I sewed one side with this fabric and for the back I used a natural linen fabric, just saves on the cost as the Biggy Best fabric is a bit pricey.
I could not believe how easy it was to make, even with the zip.

Cushion Covers

I found this lovely soft polka dot fabric in a peachy colour and couldn’t resist getting some, initially I wanted to make a shirt from it, but after my disastrous baby sleepsack, I opted for something super easy and went for a scarf.
Too easy it’s kinda cheating, I know, but I was not ready to face another disappointment and waste this gorgeous fabric :/
I found this pretty crocheted ribbon which I sewed on for the boarder. I absolutely love the way it came out and will definitely be getting good use out of this scarf!
Such a lovely gift idea as well!

Pretty scarf

As much as I do not want to ‘show off’ my embarrassing attempt at making a baby sleepsack, I’m going to post it anyway, just so you can have a good laugh!
A few nights prior to this we went to friends of ours for dinner and both their babes, one a few months old, the other just over 2 years wear sleepsacks everynight and their mommy swears by them! So I was on this mission to make one.
I don’t know what I was thinking, but this is how it turned out! I mean look at those shoulders?? And the cleavage on this thing!! I was so disappointed I avoided my sewing machine for a few days. I kept staring at it, trying to figure out how to salvage it, I have since then set it aside and given up. For now that is 🙂

Disastrous Sleepsack!

Ok… that hurts… enough laughing now!

After I sent this image to a friend of mine, she told me I had to read this blog post FIRST DRAFTS by Megan Nielsen I had a good laugh and felt so much better! Hehehe
Great post Megan! 🙂

On a sweeter note, I made this delish lemon pudding, oooo it was sooo good!
I will definitely have to blog this recipe sometime.
I think this might just be my new favourite pudding!
I absolutely love all things lemony! 🙂

Lemon Pudding

The Roman blind is not hung up yet, but once that’s up, I’ll post some pics.
I cut up an existing curtain and converted it into a roman blind to hang above hubbies desk.

Roman Blind in the making

Ok, enough show and tell for now 😛

Oh yes, I have also ordered more linen fabric from Biggy Best to make a roman blind for our kitchen window. Excited and also nervous to tackle this project as the kitchen window is massive and the blinds have vertical stripes, so it could turn out absolutely lovely, or another complete disaster!
So watch this space, will most definitely blog about it!
Wish me luck… Eeeeeek!


One response to “Little bit of this… Little bit of that…

  1. I’ve missed your updates over the last month . So pleased your firstly feeling better and that your still creating beautiful creations on the sewing machine and in the kitchen . Take care sending love from us xxx


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